Connecticut Jewish History: Vol. 1, #1: Jews in Connecticut Politics

Connecticut Jewish History: Vol. 1, #1: Jews in Connecticut Politics




Edited by Lothar Kahn and Marsha Lotstein

The first issue of Connecticut Jewish History is devoted to the Jews in Connecticut politics on the national and state level. Our political leaders were first generation Americans. From moderate Republicans to liberal Republicans, from moderate Democrats to liberal Democrats, these public servants believed that their Jewishness was somehow linked to their concerns for justice. We are grateful to the late Abraham Ribicoff, the most prominent Jewish name in Connecticut politics, for an autobiographical sketch in which he describes how his Jewishness became part of his political experience. This issue also includes a fascinating, non-political portrait of a 19th century Hartford physician, Nathan Mayer, who was a major Hartford figure, noted not only as a surgeon in war and peace but also as a drama critic and popular after-dinner speaker.

David G. Dalin is former associate professor of American Jewish history at the University of Hartford.

Lothar Kahn (1923-1990) was professor emeritus at Central Connecticut State University. Kahn was a noted author of many articles and books, including Mirrors of the Jewish Mind, Insight and Action: The Life and Work of Lion Feuchtwanger and Between Two Worlds: A Cultural History of German-Jewish Writers.