Born 12/2/1920 Sanz, Poland (Galicia), d. 11/24/2010 (age 90), Brooklyn, NY Rabbi Isaac C. Avigdor was born on December 2, 1920, in Sanz, Poland (Galicia) into an unbroken chain of Rabbis traceable to King David in antiquity. He studied at several of the famous yeshivas of Europe, becoming ordained atRead More →

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Born in Hartford on July 7, 1887, Beatrice Fox Auerbach is known for her leadership of the G. Fox and Co. department store. She and her husband George Auerbach returned to Hartford to help manage the store after a devastating fire destroyed the building in 1917. When George passed awayRead More →

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Kalman Berkovitz (later spelled Bercowetz) was born in Slutz, Minsk, Gubernia (Russia) in 1882 and died at age 89 on July 23, 1970. In Russia Bercovitz was a kosher butcher in the Czar’s army, according to his son, Irving. He served in this role for approximately two years before emigratingRead More →

Judge Simon Bernstein, the eldest of 10 children, was born in Hartford, CT on January 1, 1913. He graduated from Hartford Public High School at age 15, received a B.A. from Trinity College in 1933 and his L.L.B. in 1936 from Harvard Law School. After passing the bar, Bernstein practicedRead More →

Hans Bodenheimer was born in Bad Nauheim, Germany on January 3, 1913. His father died in World War I, so he was raised by his mother and grandparents. His grandfather, an observant Jew, took him to synagogue often and inspired Hans to his eventual calling as a Rabbi. After graduatingRead More →

Judge Abraham Bordon was born in Russia (now Piater, Ukraine) on October 7, 1891. His family emigrated to the United States in 1898 and settled in Hartford. He graduated from Hartford Public High School in 1910 and entered a four-year law program at Cornell University. Bordon was elected to the HartfordRead More →