The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford, is a non-profit organization, dedicated to collecting, preserving and exhibiting historical, political, economic, social and religious documents, photographs, memorabilia and oral histories as it relates to the Jewish community of Greater Hartford. By providing historical information and resources to individuals, schools, colleges, civic and social organizations, the Society hopes to promote historical research and create a community awareness and understanding of the growth and development of the numerous Jewish contributions to the Greater Hartford area.

Established in 1971, the Society’s main commitment is to reach the largest audience through exhibitions, publications, educational and community outreach programs.

The Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford is the only organization in Greater Hartford solely dedicated to the preservation and documentation of Jewish life in Greater Hartford. While repositories such as the Connecticut Historical Society, State Library, Hartford Public Library and some local town libraries have material relating to Jewish people in Greater Hartford, none have collections as comprehensive as JHSGH. In most cases, the materials they have received were prior to the founding of the Society in 1971. JHSGH is a beneficiary agency of the Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford.