Inducted into the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, 1989

Born in Hartford, Levy learned basketball at the local YMCA and at Bulkley High School. He played on the varsity team at Bulkeley for four years and was captain for two years during which his team won the city championship – and he earned the nickname “Flash.” He was the leading scorer in the Hartford High School League.

After graduation, he played semi-pro basketball for the Hartford YMHA and Hakoah teams all over Connecticut. They played against pro teams including the New York Celtics and the New York Renaissance team. He also played baseball at Bulkeley and starred on the American Legion team for 16 years.

During World War II, Levy was in the Navy and spent two years in the Pacific theater, during which time he also played for the Navy basketball team.
Levy devoted more than 20 years to the Synagogue Basketball League, serving as coach, as president and on the board of directors. The Synagogue League, the only one of its kind, included all the synagogues in the Hartford area, providing an opportunity for Jewish boys to play basketball when they were not able to play on their school’s team.