Submitted by Margery Weinbaum

My mother’s family all cherished Nonnie’s kasha recipe, and I would love to have it used for future generations. She stuffed a turkey with it at Thanksgiving and other holidays. The only change is that I no longer put the stuffing in the bird, and I do not use schmaltz to sauté the onions and chicken livers. I use a vegetable oil.

1 Box of buckwheat groats. Two large onions chopped. 1/2 lb fresh chicken livers. 1 lb. ground chuck.

Make the kasha according to the directions on the box. I toast the groats, crack in an egg , stir until coated and dry, add the hot water or chicken broth, and steam.

Sauté the chopped onions, add the ground meat, and add the chicken livers (cut into smaller pieces). Be sure not to overcook the livers as it may make them tough. Use enough oil to saute all of these ingredients, and then add the mixture to the cooked kasha. Add salt and pepper to taste. I do not add noodles. This is not Kasha Varnishkas, just Bertha Horn’s version of stuffing for a turkey. Serve as a side dish, and cover it with the gravy you make for the bird. Or simply serve it as a side.

**I do not use the exact amount of liquid to the buckwheat groats. I use about 3/4 of a cup of liquid, not a full cup, as I do not want the Kasha to be mushy.

Good luck.