Submitted by Larry Seth Steinberg

My bonafides… (The secret Hartford handshakes…) The Sheintops [Zayde Benny, Bubbe Gussie, and the three girls… Lee (my Mother… Weaver ’37), Bert, and Gitty] lived at 197 Mather St (corner of Garden St). When my Father got back from the Pacific, they moved into 228 Mather St (almost at Magnolia St). After I memorized our home phone number… CHapel2-7495, she would let me walk up to the Vine St school or down to Zayde’s little store at 203 1/2 Mather on my own. We moved to Bloomfield in 1955, in time for the hurricane!

Lee (Sheintop) Steinberg about 1938 (corner of Mather & Garden streets) 

From the treasured family card file….. 


Eat in good health.