Submitted by Barbara Gordon

Seders growing up were always at my Dad’s Mom and Dad’s house on Rockville Street in Hartford. I loved going there to see the amazing plants my “little bubby” grew out on the piazza (porch)! My other Bubby, who lived with my grandfather in Rockville, Ct was taller – so she was “big bubby”. Anyway, the aroma of Jewish Seder cooking was intoxicating. I can still smell the stuffed cabbage – to this day I love doing that dish on a cold Sunday in my slow cooker to bring back that memory.

Seders in those days were endless – I remember taking a break on the living room couch in a state of exhaustion! At some point, probably close to 10pm, we finally got to eat! Matzo, soup, kugel, filberts dipped in grape juice or wine, charoses, bitter herbs, brisket, chicken, no food anywhere in the world come close to a Passover meal! Jellies and sesame for dessert – what a beautiful and meaningful tradition is the Seder!

I now use utensils at my Seders, used by my Bubby so many years ago and I pray they will be used for many years to come by my children and grandchildren.