As the ongoing pandemic means that we spend some of our family time virtually – on Zoom or other platforms, why not take this unique opportunity to connect with relatives to learn more about your family history? Using a digital device is an easy way to record, share and preserve your family stories by donating them to our archive, providing a valuable gift for future generations.

We’d like to hear your stories, whether your family has deep roots in Hartford or has recently joined the community. Share your family stories with friends and relatives – and by donating it to the JHSGH archive, you will also be contributing a valuable record that will be preserved for the future.

Here are some ideas and guidelines to help get you started:

  • Set a date to interview family members about their childhood, family life, and journeys.
  • Ask one individual to talk about a special family memory, photograph, or heirloom.
  • Arrange a group of relatives to share family anecdotes, traditions, or recipes.

Interview tips and sample questions can be found in the JHSGH booklet, Family History on the Road. Additional suggested questions can be found here. We will provide a release form for you to use after the interview.

Click here for instructions for Zoom recording and sharing the file with the JSHGH. Of course you can also record with a phone, voice recorder, or on any other platform you may be familiar with.