• The Mr. and Mrs. Club at Agudas Achim, c.1950s

    The Mr. and Mrs. Club, also historically known at the Agudas Achim Synagogue as the "Social Club", often worked to raise funds for its congregation in cooperation with brotherhood and sisterhood groups, and such clubs as the "Double A League" designed for single members.

  • Congregation Beth Israel party honoring Isidore Wise,1940

    One of the leaders in the formation of the organization, United Jewish Charities (UJC), Isidore Wise, successful merchant and owner of Wise, Smith & Co. of Hartford, was appointed President of Beth Israel in 1907 and held this position for 37 years. (Mr. Wise is pictured here in the front row center sitting next to Rabbi Avigdor.)

  • Entertainment (a mock wedding) at The Emanuel Synagogue, c. 1950's

  • The Fifteen Club of Congregation Beth Israel

    The Fifteen Club originated in Hartford in 1886, and was named the "Fifteen Club" after the fact that fifteen women where present at its first formative meeting.

Social clubs connected to the activities of synagogue life brought members together to address the practical concerns of their congregation and community, and for social functions and entertainment. These groups initially acted as informal social service agencies that provided care for poverty-stricken and unfortunate community members and raised money for their synagogues or other types of charity in Hartford.