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00:00:00 - Introduction of interview

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Partial Transcript: Mel and Eddy have shared a lifelong friendship, many happy and many sad times. Both have the same type of honorary degree from Trinity College. They have done community service together. Community service has been their commitment. All their children are also active in this community of Hartford, Connecticut.

Segment Synopsis: Interviewer Melvin W. Title and wife Mrs. Title introduce Edward Suisman, friend to Melvin Title and and Mrs. Title. Primary focus of the interview is to discuss Edward Suisman's community service for the Jewish and non-Jewish community of Hartford.

Keywords: Edward Suisman; Hartford Jewish Community Center; Jewish Historical Society of Greater Hartford; Melvin W. Title

00:03:41 - Childhood

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Partial Transcript: Melvin: Now to get our show along the highway Ed, first I would like you to inform us when and where you were born and something of your thoughts about your early years in Hartford.

Ed: Well, uh, I was born in Hartford in March of 1904 and I have lived in Hartford all my life..uh..I went to the West Middle School

Segment Synopsis: This section discusses where Edward Suisman was born, where he grew up, and schools he has attended alongside his brother Sam. His father passed away when he was 17.

Keywords: George Murphy; Hartford Public High School; Peddie School; West Middle School

Subjects: Hartford (Conn.)

00:07:50 - Father's business

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Segment Synopsis: Suisman's father initially formed a business partnership with Annie Fisher's father. 1902-1904 the Suisman and Blumenthal partnership came into being.

00:11:10 - Synagogue membership

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Segment Synopsis: Synagogue attendance on high holidays. Was taught Hebrew, was bar mitzvahed.

Keywords: Ados Israel

00:13:21 - Business profession

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Segment Synopsis: Started work with Harry Blumenthal. His bother Sam has begun working there five years earlier.

Keywords: Blumenthal

00:14:43 - Work within the Jewish Community

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Partial Transcript: Melvin: And now to get along to our Jewish community, uh can you tell us something of your activities and officer ship, fundraising, you’ve had all of this through your many years of living, would you tell us something about them and something that might be of interest to be recorded at this meeting for later consumption.

Segment Synopsis: Suisman's work within the Jewish community and the non-Jewish community, how it began and progressed. Began work with the Jewish Welfare fund and the Hebrew Home for the Aged.

Keywords: Hartford Jewish Federation; Hebrew Home for the Aged; Jewish community

Subjects: Hebrew Home & Hospital (West Hartford, Conn.)

00:20:50 - Accomplishments Suisman

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Partial Transcript: Ed: I don’t remember the year but I was given what they call the Nathan Hale Award which is given annually to a Yale alumnus the one who has done the most for Yale, for his community, and for his church.

Segment Synopsis: Lists several of his honors.

Keywords: Jewish Theological Seminary; Nathan Hale Award; University of Connecticut; Yale University

00:22:23 - Connecticut Bank and Trust Company

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Segment Synopsis: Possible antisemitic practices.

Subjects: Antisemitism in America

00:26:28 - Creation of Suisman Foundation

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Segment Synopsis: Ed and his brother are given the suggestion to start a charitable foundation. Since 1939 have been conscientious contributors to the foundation. Ed goes on to say what is done with the money afterwards.

Keywords: Scholarships; Suisman Foundation

00:33:01 - Suisman's family background

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Segment Synopsis: Some background information on his father as well as some of the activities done by both parents. Able to bring all his grandparent's from Russia to Hartford.

Keywords: Hebrew; Torah; scholar

00:35:05 - Community Service by the Suisman Sons

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Partial Transcript: Ed: Well Mike is uh taken a very active life in the Jewish community being at the present time is the president of the Hartford Jewish Federation and so happens that the war with Israel is at it’s height at the moment and Mike has been very very active in raising funds for Israel.

Segment Synopsis: This is a discussion on the success of Edward Suisman's sons, Mike, John, and Richard, and what they have done for the community in turn.

Keywords: Community service; Zionism

00:37:53 - Sam Suisman and his Athletic History

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Partial Transcript: Melvin: Well you know Ed, in your line you and your brother established a lot of records but one that I would like for you to tell us about is in the field of athletics, your [unknown] Ed and Sam Suisman in the [unknown] in high school, basketball, football, he’s a legend. Now would you tell us a little bit about those activities.

Segment Synopsis: Sam's athletic activities during high school and prep school, and later.

Keywords: Hartford Dixies; Hartford High; Peddie school; Young Men's Hebrew Association

00:44:15 - Suisman meeting his wife

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Partial Transcript: Ed: Yes Mel I would say that the first one would be my marriage to Eddie Weiner uh we have had forty-seven years of a happy life the its rather interesting how uh we got together.

Segment Synopsis: Meeting his wife, Edie Weiner, at Yale, how it happened. His relationship with his brother Sam.

Keywords: Law School; Yale University

00:47:24 - Attending Yale University 00:48:57 - Brother Sam's wedding

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Segment Synopsis: Could not attend the wedding because it conflicted with a Yale-Harvard basketball game in Boston, MA.

00:53:14 - Lasting Influence of his Mother

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Partial Transcript: Ed: Well Mel uh I think the fact that I did get involved to start with at the Hebrew Home for the Aged and I saw what good that new home did for these aged people and how well they were treated that they could spend their last years it was really very satisfying Mel to see this work accomplished.

Segment Synopsis: The passing of community service work through the family

Keywords: Hartford; Hartford Welfare; Hebrew Home

00:55:03 - The satisfaction of working with the Community

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Partial Transcript: Ed: Well Mel your-your right about that soliciting people uh it was and is a very hard task but when you go to certain people and you solicit them and they give you a contribution for whatever the cause and they say thank you for coming

Segment Synopsis: A final note on the satisfaction of working for the community and what that means to him, what he was happy about the job.

Keywords: Hartford