Jews in the Greater Hartford area have long been active in sports, whether at school or in clubs, formally or self-organized. Some played for the experience or to fill time, others had the talent, drive and support to compete or participate at the national, international and professional levels. Members of our community have pursued sports as athletes or as managers, agents, promoters, writers, broadcasters, coaches and student advocates. Now you can search the list of inductees by sport, year inducted, role or name. We are in the process of writing and uploading biographies for each athlete. If you have information, mementos or photographs for our inductees, please let us know by email.!

There are 86 honorees of the Jewish Sports Hall of Fame, representing sports activity from the earliest days of the 20th century into the early aughts of the 21st.


First NameLast NameSportCategoryRoleYear InductedAbout
Maya Shoham Youth Athlete 2005
Michael Goldberg Youth Athlete 2005
Eric Fischer Youth Athlete 2007
Rebecca Rostowsky Youth Athlete 2007
Bennett Myers Weinerman Youth Athlete 2007
Syd Conn Adult Promoter 1984 Biography
Louis Black Adult Media 1985 Biography
Abe Lane Adult Athlete 2002
Gerald Roisman Adult Athlete 2002
Peter Roisman Adult Attorney 2002
Louis Nassau Basketball Adult Athlete 1983 Biography
Abe Silverman Basketball Adult Athlete 1983 Biography
Morris Cohen Basketball Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
Edward Suisman Basketball Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
Harry Smith Basketball Adult Athlete 1986 Biography
Charles "Socky" Sherman Basketball Adult Athlete 1988 Biography
Samuel Levy Basketball Adult Athlete 1989 Biography
Harriet Novarr Basketball Adult Athlete 1995 Biography
Amy Myerson Gymnastics Youth Athlete 1989
Ellen Myerson Gymnastics Youth Athlete 1989
Michael Slitt ice hockey Youth Athlete 1996
Sara Cohen field hockey Youth Athlete 2001
John Abrahms Table Tennis Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
N. Aaron "Butch" Naboicheck Track & Field Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
Irving "Chick" Joseph Track & Field Adult Athlete 1986 Biography
Donald Silpe Track & Field Adult Athlete 1995 Biography
Emily Weisburst track & field Youth Athlete 2004
John Suisman Golf Adult Athlete 1989 Biography
Shoshana Tyler golf Youth Athlete 2004
Louis "Kid" Kaplan Boxing Adult Athlete 1983 Biography
Manuel "Manny" Leibert Boxing Adult Coach, Promoter 1985 Biography
Morton Sharnik Boxing Adult Media, Promoter 1989 Biography
Myer Fierstein Boxing Adult Athlete 1997 Biography
Melissa Roth soccer Youth Athlete 1996
Max Zieky soccer Youth Athlete 1997
Aaron Faust soccer Youth Athlete 1998
Sylvia Novarr Tennis Adult Athlete 1983 Biography
Edith Cooper Tennis Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
Louis Stein Tennis Adult Athlete 1987 Biography
Daniel Goldberg Tennis Adult Athlete 1997 Biography
Evan Goldstein tennis Youth Athlete 1990
Sarah Stone tennis Youth Athlete 1992
Brian Militzok tennis Youth Athlete 1994
Ross Weiner tennis Youth Athlete 2000
Elise Miller tennis Youth Athlete 2006
William M. "Bill" Savitt Baseball Adult promoter 1983 Biography
Sam Hyman Baseball Adult Athlete 1984 Biography
William Chotiner Baseball Adult Advocate, Athlete 1985 Biography
Arnold Schwolsky Baseball Adult Athlete 1986 Biography
Morris Cutler Baseball Adult Athlete 1987 Biography