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Susan Juster Viner’s Challah Cheese Puff
Submitted by Susan Juster Viner Challah Cheese Puff   Best made the night before serving   8 large thick slices of challah ½ lb. Grated Swiss or gruyere cheese 4
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Sweet Blintzes from The Gefilte Manifesto
From The Gefilte Manifesto by Jeffrey Yoskowitz & Liz Alpern (Link to Cookbook below)   JEFFREY: I was only privy to homemade blintzes once in a blue moon when Grandma
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Susan Juster Viner’s Blintz Souffle
Submitted by Susan Juster Viner My mother made blintzes often, but she made small amounts at a time. When I think back, she had to use a lot of equipment
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The Roots of Rock ‘N’ Roll – Coming this fall, stay tuned!
The Roots of Rock ‘N’ Roll with Brian Gillie Listen to a presentation of music of the 50’s and 60’s. Sunday November 3, 2019, 7pm Playhouse on Park, 244 Park
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Seders at Barbara Gordon’s House
Submitted by Barbara Gordon Seders growing up were always at my Dad’s Mom and Dad’s house on Rockville Street in Hartford. I loved going there to see the amazing plants
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Tips on Interviewing Family Members
While gathering around the holiday table or just getting together, use this perfect opportunity to collect and document family history. Everyone can contribute by compiling questions and the younger generation
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Corona XC-R Yiddish Typewriter
Our 2019 debut item for Artifact of the Month is this adorable Corona XC-R Yiddish typewriter. The serial number 640285 dates this typewriter to 1929, when Smith & Corona Typewriters,
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Grandma Rose’s Matzo Balls
Submitted by Lynn Newman Matzo Balls 4 eggs, beaten 1/2 Cup water 1 or 2 Tablespoons of chicken fat 1 Cup of matzo meal 1 Teaspoon salt Dash pepper Stir
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Recipes From Beth S. Goldberg’s Kitchen – Fruit Smoothie
Submitted by Beth S. Goldberg Fruit Shake or Smoothie 1 frozen banana 4 frozen strawberries 1/4 Cup frozen blueberries 1 Cup almond or coconut milk 3 Tablespoons of vanilla protein
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Recipes From Beth S. Goldberg’s Kitchen – Salmon with Pineapple Glaze
Submitted by Beth S. Goldberg Salmon with Pineapple Glaze 4 Five ounce portions of salmon 2 Cups unsweetened pineapple juice 4 Teaspoons soy sauce In a small stainless steel sauce
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