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Cooking to Feed the Family
Submitted by Barbara Gordon I loved to watch my mother cook and bake – but apparently I missed one thing! My first time roasting a whole chicken when I first
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Matzah Ball Cooking Accident
Submitted by Marilyn Rothstein Grandma always used to do the holidays and family and friends enjoyed being together, and the great food! The fragrance of the chicken soup, and the
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Rosh Hashanah Taiglach
Submitted by Susan Juster Viner Jewish holidays were celebrated at the home of my Bubby and Zede, who, like my parents and me, lived in the North End of Hartford.
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Lukshen Kugel
Submitted by Larry Seth Steinberg My bonafides… (The secret Hartford handshakes…) The Sheintops lived at 197 Mather St (corner of Garden St). When my Father got back from the Pacific,
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Bubbe Libby’s latkes
Submitted by Suzanne Pinkes Happy Hanukkah! Here is Bubbe Libby’s latke recipe in her own hand. She always made them in a plug in electric frying pan and had an
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Aunt Sally’s Rugelach
Submitted by Lynn Newman Aunt Sally used to come and babysit my sister and me when we were little and my mother had to work. She and her husband rented
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Submitted by Paula and Leland Bradbard  1 t. salt  1/4 c. sugar  1/4 c. oil  1  1/4 c. hot water  1 pkg. dry yeast  2 eggs  4 c. flour (King
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Aunt Frances Mon Cookies
Submitted by Paula and Leeland Bradbard  1/2 stick oleo  1/2 Cup Sugar  2 Eggs  1  1/4 t. Baking powder Salt  1 t. Cinnamon  1/2 C. Poppy seeds  2  1/4- 2
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